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Chadash Clarinet Adjustable Barrel

The Chadash Clarinet Barrel that works so well for so many players in major symphony orchestras throughout the world is now available as an adjustable barrel.

  • Permits the mouthpiece to remain stationary during adjustment, allowing for precise fine tuning adjustment while playing.
  • Easy rotation of the tuning ring in the mid-section allows for precisely adjustable tuning for impeccable intonation.
  • Allows for easy rotation of the tuning ring in the mid-section to allow for impeccable intonation.
  • Engineered for orchestral clarinetists.
  • Adjustable length range: 64mm to 68mm.
  • Available for either Bb or A Clarinet.
  • Price: $325


Chadash ClarinetKey Features and Benefits

  • Precision manufactured mechanism is tightly threaded left-hand and right-hand device made of aluminum to eliminate any possible gap in the adjustment.
  • Made with decades-old Mozambique M'pingo (Grenadilla) wood.
  • No metal rings for enhanced resonance.
  • A single barrel solution that eliminates the need to owning more than one clarinet barrel per instrument, pulling at the joints, or tuning rings.
  • Manufactured in the United States.
  • Produced with modern CNC turning technology.
  • Boring process for each barrel is done with a single-edged French-style reamer.