Chadash Basset A Extension and Bell

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Chadash ClarinetChadash Clarinet

The Chadash Basset A Extension and Bell is a unique design featuring a key system which is utilizing an open Eb key below the staff while the following D through low C are closed keys which opens as one pushes the corresponding touch pieces. It comes with a cylindrical bore which is much more efficient considering that the low notes on the basset A tend to spread and not tune very well.

Lower joint A clarinet extended to basset A with a key system that has the notes Eb to low C controlled and played by the right hand only. Being the Eb the only open key and D, Db and low C are closed keys that open as you need to play them rather than the tradition open keys that close to make a note sound. The bore on the lower A extension is exclusively cylindrical which greatly adds to the clarity and ring as well as the intonation of those low notes which traditionally suffer from lack of focus and center.


Chadash ClarinetKey Benefits

  • Improved resonance and clarity of the crucial low register E to low C
  • No extra pinkie finger for notes Eb to C
  • Notes Eb to C are played by thumb only
  • Can use your own familiar A clarinet upper joint and bell
  • Can be usedfor the Mozart Concerto K622 and Mozart Quintet K58