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The Chadash Clarinet is devoted to the art inherent in making a fine instrument from the highest caliber materials. The clarinet design is based on  historical guidelines as the foundation, while incorporating today's necessary adjustments in the tuning of 12th or the sound and ring that has become part of today's orchestral sound.

Technically speaking, there is a great deal of difference to be made by taking the time to hand fashion, build, and then finish each instrument without being overly subjected to time, management, or other typical corporate restraints. Bear in mind that there are no two identical pieces of wood, and in the same vein there will never be two identical clarinets. Taking that into consideration I strive to achieve uniformity in design with out sacrificing any quality of sound or design. After all, clarinetists have come to accept the fact that there is no well-tempered clarinet; there is only the best compromise possible. At Chadash Clarinet we look to solve this search for the best-tempered instrument to the best of my ability.

Chadash Clarinets in Bb & A CH Mouthpiece Blank Chadash Basset A Extension
Chadash-Buffet Barrel Chadash Ringless Barrel Chadash Adjustable Barrel
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