Finishing Work

The basic bore is created using traditional French style reamers, turning at the appropriate RPM, and fed into the preparation bore cavity. The shape of the bore is important to the eventual tonality and depth of sound in the finished instrument. Now, the tone holes get undercut to product the perfect non-negotiable twelfth. After the tone holes are completed, the bore is sanded and polished to a smooth finish using a combination of sandpaper and oil, thus creating the most valuable poly-cylindroids, this entire processed is followed by a waxing to ensure the best possible preservation.

The basic bore of the Chadash Clarinet is created by using traditional French style reamers. By turning reamers at the appropriate RPM, we feed into the preparation bore cavity.

Bore polishing of an upper joint.

Polishing the outer diameter of the upper joint.

Polished outer body of an upper joint.

Pre-polished outer body of an upper join.

Three Chadash Bb upper and lower joints awaiting their time to undergo tone hole undercutting and bore polishing.

Pre-assembled sets of finished keys.

A bird's-eye view of an under-cutting tool.Under-cutting a tone hole in progress.Looking at the finished product before installing the key work.