Milling Work

The first operation is to mill the raised tone holes on both the upper and lower joints using the milling machine. Four different diameters are needed. These holes are created by milling the excess "ring" of wood and leaving only the raised tone hole material.

Raised tone holes on the Chadash clarinet are not glued or added, rather, they are milled from the same piece of wood that comprises the actual instrument itself.

In order to mill the tone hole seats, the milling machine must make impressions of five different diameters that will eventually be where the pads of the finished clarinet will rest. Following the milling, each tone hole is then drilled out to its actual size.

Following the drilling, the holes are created and tapped to accommodate the posts. These posts will carry the keys as the clarinet comes closer to the finished product.

Chadash Clarinets use only carbide cutting tools for all operations that require cutting and milling of the wood.