Dalbergia melanoxylon is a member of the Leguminosae family of trees, commonly known as African Blackwood or Mpingo. This wood is from the Mpingo tree that can be found growing in the savanna regions of Africa continent, primarily in Tanzania and Mozambique. The tree is approximately 30 feet in height and has a diameter of 8 inches. The timber is dark brown with black streaks which usually predominate so the general color is black. The wood is very hard and heavy with a weight of 82 lbs per foot. The heartwood is very durable and stable, slow to absorb moisture, and has exceptional working qualities.

In order to select the highest quality wood we believe that the Mpingo tree has to be at least fifty to sixty years old in order for the wood to mature build up the resin and strength required to withstand the manufacturing process and durability and punishment of constant playing under changing climate and temperature conditions.

The wood of choice for the Chadash Clarinet is Dalbergia Melanoxylon from Mpingo wood originating in Mozambique. Unlike commercially produced instruments, this handcrafted and machine-assisted instrument is made out of very aged wood, that range from 30 to 40 years old. Upon a preparation a bore cavity is cut to the length of the piece and the wood is left and exposed to the elements in a safe and secure place to age ensuring that the memory of the wood is intact without losing its dimensions.